Fun Fact #1: My name is pronounced Vanda.

I am originally from Poland, and in Polish, the letter "W" is pronounced like the letter "V" in English.


Together we will capture the essence of your story

"I genuinely loved working with Wanda! Her attention to detail is everything and she has an extremely artistic eye. The entire experience was very pleasant, and she took her time in getting to know me as a person as well as my overall vibe, which is always very useful when shooting. She gave me artistic freedom while giving me feedback and advice for postures or highlighting where the light was best. Her energy is extremely positive and she instantly made me feel beyond comfortable almost like shooting with a long, lost friend that you've just been reunited with. Also, she is very timely in getting the photos back to you. It was a collaborative and organic experience. I truly respect her as a photographer and look forward to working with her again!"

 Victoria G. New York, NY